I’m delighted to share with you and Space4Autism Macclesfield an incredible, free website that offers world-class, accessible activities every single day.

I’m writing to you on behalf of Community Integrated Care, a national social care charity that proudly works in your region. Our partner, Leanne Armstrong from NHS England, has recommended that we give you early access to www.what-to-do.co.uk

This website, offers a daily timetable of live, accessible activity sessions, specially designed for people who access care and support.

The packed calendar of free daily Zoom sessions on www.what-to-do.co.uk includes:

www.what-to-do.co.uk also contains a range of free Activity Packs and Resources to support people to enjoy fun and active lives.

It will also be home to special VIP experiences and events. Yesterday, we were delighted to host an incredible class with a national champion Irish Dance (link to twitter). In the coming weeks, we are planning meet and greets with Paralympic athletes.

Just to emphasise, the website is free, and all sessions are planned with a focus on accessibility, impact, and fun. Hundreds of people supported by Community Integrated Care love the sessions and we’re excited to welcome new people to join them.

We would appreciate you sharing this with any contacts that you have and members of your organisation. I’ve attached at timetable, along with a folder (zip), which is full of posters and social media graphics for you to print out, or share on social media, along with a news item.

A bit of background about us – Community Integrated Care is one of the UK’s leading social care charities. We are proud to deliver life changing support to thousands of people across England and Scotland. We are committed to changing society and creating greater opportunities for people who access support, which is at the heart of this project.

You can find out more at www.CommunityIntegratedCare.co.uk

We will be doing a full launch of the website soon, but we want to share it with trusted and key local agencies like yours first. Our priority is to give access to the site to people in organisations who can benefit from it most. We hope it is useful to you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,