Tour of Rooms

Enjoy your virtual tour


You access The Space Centre via the front doors and this leads you straight into our reception area.  You will be greeted and asked to sign in.  If you are coming for an appointment you will be directed to a seating area. 

S4A Cafe

Our S4A Cafe is open to all.  You can come in here for a chat over a coffee or treat yourself to homemade cakes.  Lunch and Dinner are also served – check out S4A Cafe tab for more information.  This area is also used for all our social clubs during snack time. 

Sensory Cafe

The Sensory Cafe is for those who prefer a less formal setting and the lights are more calming.  We also have 2 computers here that can be used by our members. This area is also used for our social clubs.


Space Suite

The Space Suite is multi-functional but mainly used for our afterschool club and social clubs.  We have lots of toys and IT equipment that can be used. The Space Suite is also used for lots of our fundraisers.

Angies Sensory Garden

A place for our Parent/Carers and ASC adults to relax in the day, and for our children to enjoy at their clubs.

Quiet Space

Our fantastic Quite Space is only open to adults during the day 10am-3pm but it is also used at all our social clubs and in the school holidays at Space4All.  This is a calming area whereby our members can get away from the day to day bustle of life and just relax and chill

Entrace to upstairs via the quiet Space

If you are coming to attend an appointment with CWP or Big Life you access their rooms via the Quiet Space and go through the door to upstairs.  This is also the access to the Art Room.


Stairs leading to the clinical rooms and also The Bluebell Suite.

Going Upstairs

CWP Room One

Assessment and Diagnosis room used by CWP.  If you are coming along for an assessment/diagnosis of Autism this is one of the rooms that your appointment may be held in.  This room is used both for adult and child assessments. 


CWP room two

CWP have two rooms for the assessment and diagnosis so you appointment may be in here.  This room is also used for the ADOS part of the assessment. 

councelling Space

If you are coming along to see Just Drop in for a counselling appointment this is their counselling space.

Bluebell Suite

The Bluebell Suite is mainly used for our ASC Training Programme, however, this room can be rented out on an hourly basis and can seat up to 20 people.  For more information please contact us. 

More rooms

Art Room

Our Art Room is open during the day for our adults, however we also offer art sessions at certain times with our resident artist, see open space tab for more details.  The Art Room is also open during our social clubs and Space4All school holiday sessions

ADelaide Suite

Some of our training and workshops are held in the Adelaide Suite.  If you are coming along to our ASC Space counselling service your appointment will be in here.   If you are coming along to see your tutors from Adelaide this is also used as their training room.  This room can also be hired by the hour and can seat up to 10 people. For more information please contact us. 

Space Suite set up for workshop

Our main Space Suite is also used for our larger meetings and workshops.  The Space Suite can also be hired out by the hour and can seat up to 60 people classroom style.  For more information please contact us