Space4Autism Code of Conduct

This policy has been created to safeguard all of our members, parents/carers, staff and volunteers of Space4Autism

Guiding Principles

  • To ensure that the rights of all individuals are protected whilst at Space4Autism.
  • To establish the safest & best possible learning environment.
  • To ensure that breaches of the code of conduct are treated in a fair and consistent manner and within the expectations of the Chair, Trustees, Staff, Volunteers and Members.


Responsibilities & Expectations

·      All individuals and their property are to be valued and treated with respect.

·      All Space4autism members should treat one another, adult   leaders, volunteers and property with respect.


·      All individuals have the right to a safe, secure and cooperative working environment in which participation, risk taking and confronting challenges are encouraged.


·      All individuals have the right to privacy.



·      Adult leaders/volunteers should be able to perform their duties in an atmosphere of order and cooperation.



·      Adult leaders/volunteers, group members and the natural environment have the right to exist in a healthy and environmentally considerate atmosphere.



·      Space4Autism expects support from all group members, parents, and Adult leaders/volunteers in implementing this Code of Conduct.

·      All Space4autism members should act and behave in a way which does not endanger, intimidate or interfere with the participation of others.



·      All Space4autism members should respect other’s rights to privacy.


·      Space4autism members should comply with instructions given by any adult leaders/volunteers and should willingly participate in the routine of Space4Autism.


·      All Space4autism members should conduct themselves in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner towards other group members, adult leaders/volunteers and the natural environment.


·      All Space4autism members should behave according to this code and accept the consequences if it is breached. All adult leaders/volunteers should fairly, reasonably and consistently implement this code. Adult leaders/volunteers and parents should support Space4Autism in implementing the Code of Conduct.


Specific Safeguarding Rules for ALL Members at Space4Autism

  • No photographs of individuals outside of your signed in group are to be taken in the Space Centre apart from by the Space4Autism staff team on the Space4Autism camera/mobile phone. No photographs will be taken of any individual by Space4Autism staff team without prior consent.
  • No Space4Autism member can enter another room or area whilst a session is in progress if you are not on the register.
  • Space4Autism members are responsible to sign themselves and those accompanying them in and out of the Space Centre at reception, and also to inform a Space4Autism staff member if their contact details have changed.

Specific Safeguarding Rules for Members of all the Social Clubs at Space4Autism

  • No mobile phones, laptops, tablets or any other IT or gaming equipment is to brought to the clubs at Space4Autism – they will be locked away till the end of the session should anyone bring them along. (Exceptions are: Space for You, Galaxy Group and Gaming Club)

  • During the social club sessions only parents/carers that have had prior agreement with The Club Co-ordinator can stay whilst the session is in progress.

  • No photographs to be taken in the Space Centre apart from by the Space4Autism club staff on the Space4Autism camera/mobile phone. No photographs will be taken of club members by Space4autism club staff without prior consent from their parent/carer.

  • No parent/carer can enter the main room whilst a club session is in progress. An adult leader from the session will open the door and invite parent/carers to take their child at the end of the session.

  • Parents/Carers are responsible to sign their child in and out of each session and also to inform a staff member if their contact details have changed, as soon as possible. Parents/Carers are responsible to ensure that at least one of the contacts on their child’s record is available during the session they are attending.


Specific Rules for everyone attending Space4Autism

The following forms of behaviour are considered a breach of the code and are therefore UNACCEPTABLE*:

  • Cigarettes, alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, offensive weapons, and pornographic material must not be brought into Space4Autism;
  • Using language which is offensive and discriminatory.
  • Fighting, bullying or any other forms of aggressive behaviour
  • Entering or Leaving Space4Autism venue boundaries without signing in or out at reception
  • Behaving in a manner which is potentially dangerous to self and others;
  • Sensory Space and Sensory Garden – this is a calming environment for everyone to enjoy so any misuse of equipment or resources ie throwing, fighting, climbing – you will be asked to leave by a Space4Autism staff member.

*   If any of the above does occur, the Space4Autism member will be spoken to immediately by a Space4Autism staff member and you could be asked to leave and/or your membership may be revoked. 



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