We have an opportunity for Apprenticeships at Barclays Radbrook Hall, L3 or L4 in I.T.. A pilot was conducted last year and proved to be very successful and 5 ASD candidates were placed on the apprenticeship and all are doing very well. It is open to anyone whether they are receiving benefits or not and has a neurological condition, primarily ASD. There is an insight day on the 2/3/20 at Radbrook which we are looking for candidates for. It has just been opened up to non-benefit candidates, however the timings are short. If you have anyone that meets the following eligibility criteria and wishes to attend and be considered please could you let me know by Friday A.M.




Must have the right to work in the UK


Be of working age


Has 5 GCSE/O-Level including Maths and English grade C or higher


Must NOT have an existing I.T. qualification higher than L3


Be able to get there


Has current I.D.


And will require an electronic copy of their CV prior to the insight day




This is a fantastic opportunity and the only specific apprenticeships for ASD that I am aware of, however as stated, timescales are tight.


 For more information please contact Neil Bertenshaw  on NEIL.BERTENSHAW@dwp.gov.uk 


Many thanks and best wishes






Neil Bertenshaw


Neil Bertenshaw| DWP Cheshire DEA Team | Department for Work and Pensions | Work and Health Services Directorate | Macclesfield Jobcentreplus | 30 King Edward Street | Macclesfield


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