Welcome to a New Year, we have an exciting programme of events lined up for 2019 and look forward to welcoming you all.

Our new Chef Bozzie who started in September has already delivered many outstanding cookery classes and fundraisers and also has produced some wonderful lunches and dinners – he has been so busy since his arrival we have now taken on a food technician called Amanda who is starting part time with us from tomorrow.

We now deliver over 80+ activities per month to over 1500 members, therefore, we have had a management meeting to see how we are able to co-ordinate all the ages and numbers that access our services.

We have therefore decided that we are still open Monday to Thursday 10-6pm, however, the following changes will apply when we re-open on Monday 7th January.

10-3pm this is for adults only (inc parent/carers) – you can bring along a child if you are attending an appointment here, however, you must keep your child with you at all times – the main workshop area will not be open to children.

3.30-6pm this is for the afterschool club, parent/carers must stay in the area their child is playing in ie if your child is in the workshop area or the art room then you MUST be with them.  If your child would like to use the air hockey table, pool or table tennis then the equipment must be signed out and back in at reception by a parent/carer, the Xbox is no longer available at the afterschool club.   No children under 13yrs can use the equipment without a parent/carer with them.  The cost of the afterschool club is maintained at £1 entrance with the equipment free to use.

Quiet Space – as you know we now have our fantastic quiet space, however, we can only open this during the adult time 10-3pm after this the room will be closed.  We are hoping to open the quiet space up for our afterschool club in the future, once we can staff it and there will be an extra charge for use.  The children who attend the social groups on Fridays and Saturdays have full access to this room with our staff team.

Art Room – our art room is now fully operational and can be booked for children’s sessions Monday and Thursday afternoons at a small charge of £2.50 per child which will include all materials, this will be staffed by our art therapist Jacki and include a volunteer, for more information please contact info.space@hotmail.com, however, adults can use this room during the adult time 10-3 Mon-Thurs and Jacki will be here Monday and Thursday’s afternoons 1-3pm for adult art therapy.

These are little changes to keep us in line with our current safeguarding policy

should you have any questions please email Cheryl on info.space@hotmail.com







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