Stop Stigma with Science – Conference 2 – Mental Health Carers Group Stockport

Friday 28th September 2018  – Cheshire Conference Centre

Mental Illness – Not All In The Mind – A Multi-Specialist Approach to Mental Health

Our conference is about the links between psychiatry, neurology, immunology and psychology and in turn how this knowledge can affect how we view human behaviour and seek better treatments.  Stigma and discrimination are usually aimed at people who behave differently from other people in their community.  There are different causes of “unusual”, and even offending behaviour, and we are looking at some of them today.  We have invited three well-respected researchers and clinicians to tell us about their latest findings:

Professor Belinda Lennox from Oxford University Hospitals Trust  – Exploring the causes and treatment of psychotic illness

Dr Catherine Gregory from Manchester University’s Spring Study – Psychosis and the role of inflammation and GABA/glutamate

Dr Prathiba Chitsabesan, Pennine Care & Manchester University – Mental Health Needs & Neurodisability in Young People who Offend

We have invited a MH carer and a MH service user to tell us what involvement in research means to them and Dr Henry Ticehurst, Pennine Care Trust’s Medical Director has kindly agreed to oversee the day for us.

Large organisations (over 150 employees) £40       Small organisations (fewer than 150 employees) £20          Carers and other individuals £8

Below is the link to booking your place:

Organizations who wish to book a place and pay by Invoice and BAC can email me at the address below.

There will be attendance certificates available on the day.

Any queries, please contact           Or ring us on 07977 606 543


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