one our ASC adults has asked me to share this with you.  They have been struggling with anxiety and stress for sometime now and after seeing Dr’s they prescribed the usual depression drugs.  However, this adult didn’t want to take medication and wanted to find a healthy alternative.

After going back to their gluten diet for around 4 weeks (total gluten free) they indeed started to feel much better so then started looking into other ways to manage their anxieties.  So they have now also started eating anti-oxidant foods which has had a dramatic affect on their mood.

As some of you know many people with ASC have what is called a “leaky gut” and this adult truly feels that this is where the problem was.

If you check out the link below it will inform you of the anti-oxidant foods which have helped them so much

This adult wants to remain anonymous but thank you for your help as it may just help others who are suffering with their anxieties.


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