message from a parent for a shout out to Mrs Krinks

Hi there!! Just wanted to share a pic of me with the senco at williams school at the autism show today at manchester. I feel so lucky to have a school who are so on board and keen to learn to support william and other children. Our senco at gawsworth mrs krinks is so caring and genuinely feels passionate about helping children meet their potential and have a happy school life. I just had to tell you because i knew you’d just ‘get’ how much this really means to me. Partnership working at its best

It would be lovely if you could give mrs krinks and gawsworth primary school a lovely shout out. We have been on a real journey this year as things have unfolded with william…. and also with the support of their new head-( mr shaw) the school have been so keen and open to learn and make changes to their school -embracing inclusion and supporting william, I would also like to thank Mrs Morris his fabulous teacher. This can only be positive for other children in the future. Im so happy xx

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