As we will be setting up a retail area in our new premises we have started a trial run of a selection of houseplants in attractive planters for sale with a contribution of each sale going to Space4Autism.

If you would to purchase any of the below please email with which letter plant you would like and they can be collected from The Space Centre.

The coloured plants in the photos will last approx. 2 months and the green plants will grow for many months or years, so when the colour plants become dull and are ready for a change we can supply new ones to you.  Also Rick Simpson will be able to advise on the care of each plant.

All priced at £10.00 each.

G. Guzmania & Marginata
F. Guzmania & Dracaena
E. Guzmania & Dracaena
D. Guzmania & Dracaena
C. Guzmania & Marginata
A. Guzmania & Marginata
B. Guzmania & Calathea

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