I am contacting you about a study we are running at the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. We are currently looking for pregnant autistic women to take part and we would be so grateful if you might consider passing on details of the study to any potentially interested participants.

The study is looking at early infant brain and behaviour development. We’re also exploring wellbeing for autistic mothers, in order to identify the positive aspects of being an autistic mother as well as areas where support might be needed for autistic mothers in the future.

There is a poster and description attached which could be passed on. This would be incredibly helpful to us and would be very much appreciated!

CHILD Study Poster

CHILD study advert

If there’s anything we can do to return the favour please let us know.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,


PhD Student

Autism Research Centre

Department of Psychiatry

University of Cambridge

Douglas House

18B Trumpington Road

Cambridge – CB2 8AH

Tel: 01223 465230


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