Space4Autism wanted to say a huge thank you to Macclesfield Harriers for donating £1000.00 towards our wonderful day out at Jump Nation at Trafford Park – along with all the runners who took part in last years 5k and 10k who’s donations went towards the trip, special thanks also to Jack Henderson and Nic Barlow for taking part and raising so much money.

The trip was a huge success with over 110 space members enjoying a fantastic family day out – something we don’t get to do very often.

here are some personal thank you’s form parents – couldn’t put them all on here as there was so many!!

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the trip to the trampoline park on Saturday.  The boys loved it and as usual it was a great opportunity to talk with other parents who have similar experiences.
As a result of this trip we have made friends with another family with similar aged children (with an equally impressive ability to talk about Harry Potter for hours!) and will be meeting up soon”


“thank you the wonderful fundraisers that enabled R and J to go to Jump Nation on Saturday. As you know they are two boys who are severely affected with Autism and they had a wonderful time doing a pastime they love which meant they didn’t stop smiling for two hours they also loved the coach ride and were looking out of the window the
whole time! Apart from a brilliant activity it also creates lots of interaction opportunities which are vital for their development and wellbeing which was fantastic”
thanks again it is so appreciated

“Thank you so much for the amazing trip. H had a great time( and M!!). Thanks to Harriers and all the runners who donated the money”

“Thanks so much for organising the trip to Jump Nation. M had a really good time and enjoyed it so much more than had she gone to an ‘ordinary’ session of trampolining. In the past it has been too noisy and busy and too many people jumping which has caused her to meltdown so we stopped going. Because she was with her club I think she felt more relaxed that she could be herself and no one would bother if she got stressed, this led to her just enjoying herself without worrying about what every one else was doing. She really likes being part of your club and feeling like she finally belongs to something and is accepted for who she is”


“Just a quick email to say thank you for the opportunity for the family to go to JUMP and the coach travel.The trip was a real success and was loved by all, my 3 haven’t stopped talking about it and are now mithering to go again.The place itself was fantastic, the prices for food and drink weren’t expensive like everywhere else and the food was great. I also liked the fact that they turned the music off for our session that felt like a personal touch as guy and cade felt better once it went off as they said it hurt their ears.The coach driver we had was very pleasant (very rare qualities these days) and the comfort of the coach i can’t fault.Thank you so much for an amazing time had by all.Hopefully we will get another opportunity to go again.Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making this possible and thank you to the Harriers for the generous donation of funds for this trip.Both made my childrens day.”


“Massive thanks to those involved in raising the money so we could go to Jump Nation.
As a family of five with kids of different ages (our eldest on the spectrum) it’s really hard to find activities that the whole family can do and join in with. Had that been a usual session my eldest would have struggled with the noise, I would have been on edge checking he was ok and being constantly ready to deal with a meltdown. This takes time away from the younger two who often run in opposite directions meaning myself and my fiancé don’t get to spend much time together. Plus there is the added stress of others around us not understanding if our eldest displays any unusual or unwanted behaviours.
At the space4autism session the lack of music made a positive impact, knowing others around us understand autism made us feel so much more relaxed and that meant we all had a great time. My fiancé had a great time trying to bounce from trampoline to trampoline in one go and I was super impressed with myself being able to bounce from sitting back to standing haha”

“Thank you so much for the trip to Jump Nation – W had a great time.
Many thanks to Macclesfield Harriers and all the other runners who raised money for this fabulous event”


Many Many thanks once it again for a memorable trip which we couldn’t have done without your support


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