I’m working on a new CBBC series called Ali A’s Superchargers. We’re really keen to encourage applications from children with disabilities and I wondered if you might be able to help?

The series is a fun and educational car transformation show for CBBC exploring the world of mechanical engineering. YouTube gaming sensation and car fanatic Ali A heads up the presenting team, eagerly backed by racing driver Rebecca Jackson and car vlogger Sideways Sid. Each episode of Superchargers will focus on a family whose old car is in desperate need of some TLC, but they don’t have the means to either buy a new one or fix it up. This is where Ali A and his team step in. Guided by Rebecca, the kids get the chance to help fix up the broken mechanics of the car and make it safe. Then with Sid’s help, the kids get to design the car’s new look, both inside and out. And all without their parents knowing what they are planning. Once the new-look car has passed its MOT and is road-worthy, it’s time to reveal it to mum and/or dad.

The experience will be once-in-a-lifetime chance for the kids who will get to totally personalise their car and learn a bit about mechanics along the way. All activities will take place under expert guidance and the children will be accompanied by a licensed chaperone at all times.

If you could circulate the information that would be great. I’ve attached our casting flyer with more details and people can get in touch with me directly rather than having to fill in an application form due to time constraints. I’m happy for you to pass my details on. Please state that people need to get in touch with me by Friday 14th April.

Please give me a call if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


Michelle Barratt

Casting Producer


Tel: 0161 974 7365

Manchester: Endemol Shine North| White| Level 2| Dock 10| MediaCity UK| M50 2NT

Invoicing address: Princess Productions Ltd | Whiteley’s Centre | Third Floor | 151 Queensway | London | W2 4YN


please click on link below for more details

Superchargers – Casting BBC

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