Hi everyone

As Space4Autism is growing by the month we have now decided to issue Membership Cards to all our members.

To receive one of our membership cards you now need to be registered with us via a registration form.

If you are already registered for Space for Kids, Fun Friday or Space for You you will either have already received a card or will be given one next time you arrive at the clubs.

Some parents have already filled in the registration forms and received their cards, for those who have not then please see attached registration form.  If you can download the form, fill it in and either email or post it back to us I can then issue you with a membership card.


(if you cannot open the link please email us on info.space@hotmail.com and we will email you a form directly)

These cards will then be used for some of our activities so we know you are a registered family ie Roller Sports Nights, Family Fun Days, Workshops etc and also we are hoping to be able to offer discounts for certain activities if you are a member.

Note: this registration form does not mean that you can access Space for Kids, Fun Friday or Space for You – you will need a “club registration” form for this.



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