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do you think you or your child could benefit from coloured lenses? do you or your child use coloured overlays?

come and learn about this at the workshops below


“The Very Different Visual World of an Autistic Child”

Given by Ian Jordan

The Visual and Associated problems experienced by those on the spectrum range from life changing to minimal and they are very difficult for parents and non-specialists to recognise. They range from facial recognition problems which can be terrifying, to synaesthesia (where senses are mixed up), to timing and mapping difficulties (where a child cannot trust their own senses), to pain and anxiety. Problems eg, pain during haircuts, which do not appear to be visual often have a visual component. We will explore tics, how speech can sometimes be helped using vision, to changing smells, eating problems and gait.We may discuss night terrors, and finally time permitting present a demonstration of effect which is unique in ASC

“It’s like a magic show but pure science”

About Ian Jordan

Ian Jordan is a specialist optician in practice in Ayr, Scotland. He is an internationally recognised lecturer in the field of tints and filters and their effects (in special needs and other applications) and has written a number of books, designed tints and filters for well-known manufacturers, was the first person to fit contact lenses for dyslexia, has won a number of awards for R&D, made DVD in association with UK University.


Saturday 12th November 2016


£5.00 per head payable on the door

If you would like to book a place on the above workshop please email


Professionals are also welcome



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