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We would like to welcome Laura and John onto our staff team from July 2016.  Laura originally worked at Wimslow High so some of you may already know her and John has been volunteering for us for the past 3 months.

This now takes our total team upto 9 which means we can now have more staff at our bigger club sessions.

Just so you know who everyone is we have:-

Graham – Club Manager

Cat – Fun Friday Team Leader and Senior Support

Steph, Hayley, Jacki, Laura – Senior Support

Natasha, Chris, John – Support

We also have our wonderful volunteers helping out:

Laura – Club Trustee/Fun Friday Volunteer

Tom – Space for Kids Volunteer

Matt – Fun Friday and Space for You Volunteer

Alexander – Fun Friday Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer at any of our clubs please get in contact with Cheryl via info.space@hotmail.com however, you cannot volunteer at a club that your child or young adult is attending.


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