Hi Everyone,
On behalf of the Trustees, I would like to inform you of some exciting news.
After active fund raising, we have been able to offer Cheryl a 30 hour contract of employment and I am pleased to inform you that she has accepted our offer. She will take up her post on the 1st June.
Cheryl is a founder member of Space4Autism and we would not be the charity we are today without her selfless devotion to our families and children. We have managed to employ her for 10 hours per week for the past 18 months but she has also been employed elsewhere for 30 hours per week. She puts in at least 30 hours of time per week at Space so she has therefore been running the charity mostly in her own time. We could not continue to ask her to put in these hours and so have actively sought funding so that she can give up her alternative employment and devote her time to Space.
I am sure you will all join with the Trustees in thanking Cheryl for all her dedication and hard work over the past 11 years and welcome her on board as our first full time employee!

Best Regards

Pauline Girdwood
Chair and HR Trustee Space4Autism

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