An Afternoon with Olga Bogdashina. November 20th. St James, Manchester – please share with everyone, on websites and in newsletters!

Olga Bogdashina is one autism world expert you should unhesitatingly make time to see. She’s presenting her incisive and mind-blowing summary of autism as a sensory difference, at the Board Room, St James, Manchester on November 20th. Her book,, Sensory Perceptual issues in autism and Asperger syndrome, was the first and most reliable book internationally on this subject. She is an honorary Professor, and chief research associate at the International Autism Institute. Recently she set up the first online graduate autism course in the former USSR.

Most of us, as researchers, looked at Olga’s work, and based our own work on it, despite few people, then, realising that sensory issues are central to the whole autism profile. Now finally, DSM 5, the diagnostic manual that tells clinicians and researchers what to look for in autism, has added to its outline of autism the criterion that sensory differences are integral to autism spectrum conditions.

With a PhD in Linguistics, and three Masters degrees (in Autism, Psychology, and teaching methods) she knows that perception and communication can take many forms and wrote about this almost 20 years ago. And how does she know? She studied her children and devoted her life to their welfare and our education.

When her son, classically autistic, was refused education in the Ukraine, where she was living, she fought to set up a school for him and others like him. Olga’s explanations about her son, and the insights he gave her, and about her daughter, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, are amazing.

Olga, now living and working in the UK, is passionate about autism. She is exceptional. Check her out on Amazon. And then come to our website, look at the programme for your afternoon with her, and book online (tickets at £20, or £40 for professionals) at We can also provide invoicing, if necessary. Just contact us by email ( or telephone 07971 471617.

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