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Before I send out the official flyer I wanted to let you all know about the two new clubs that Space4Autism are putting together.

We have been asked by a few of our members about setting up a football club so as we always do we have been investigating the best ways to do this.  With the very kind donation from Ron Booth of £250 and the brilliant offer from Andy Brooks at Macclesfield Activity Centre (MAC) we propose the following:-


this club would be 9-18yrs @ £2.50 pp.  Registration forms would have to be filled in as the parents would be leaving the members in our care.  This would be 1st Monday of each month 7-9pm – hopefully during the summer months we would be able to get a local field as we have all the kits, balls and posts also donated by Ron Booth.  This would be a drop off session so parents don’t have to stay but we will need some volunteers to help run this group so if you can help please let me know.  This club is just for children/young people who have a diagnosis or are waiting to obtain one and you do not already have to be a member of our other clubs.  Also it is open to outside of East Cheshire.

This would be mixture of Roller Hockey and other games, MAC would be providing the coaches/trainers. This would be for the whole family to attend so includes the siblings to be able to take part (parents would have to stay for a chill and chat as we cannot staff it) price would be £2.50 per person (parents/carers free but they wont be skating!) This would be 3rd Monday of each month 6.30-8.30pm

These two events are just for Space4Autism members so we have exclusive use of  the whole building – there is a café, table tennis, table football and pool for those who don’t want to skate.

Can I have your interest into these two events so I can make arrangements with Andy at MAC for a start date as we are looking at December but if possible would love to get this going in November.  Any questions please email.




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