We have been passed this information via The Youth Federation and we thought that our parents should be aware of it.

 Game of 72

Facebook craze which encourages young persons to disappear up to three days without a trace. This is the latest fad on social network involves young teenagers disappearing without a trace for 72 hours, contacting their loved ones is strictly forbidden.

Called ‘12, 24, 72’ or ‘Game of 72’, the dare is shrouded in secrecy by the youngsters involved.

News of it’s existence only came to light when a 13-year-old French girl went missing for three days in the north of the country, before turning up safe and well at her home.  When questioned all the teen would say was she’d been playing a Facebook game.

The current intelligence picture does not suggest that it is prevalent in the North West Region, however there are potential CSE risks for vulnerable youngsters involved.


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Helen Williams

Cyber Prevention Officer

NW Regional Cyber Crime Unit

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Mobile: 07595 011 731

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