Well done to all our volunteers and all those who donated at our Sainsburys Macclesfield Bag Pack – you raised an amazing


This is the most we have ever raised at our bag packs and we cannot thank you all enough for turning out to help

Our great gang of volunteers today were:-

Bryony, Annabelle, Debbie, Nicky, Vanessa, Harry ,Laura, Connor, Peter, Tom, Steph, Pauline, Paula, Lisa, Amanda & Family and Bryan

A special thank you to those who stayed longer than they had initially said and huge thank you to Bryan for working the whole day 10-4pm – amazing job and also to Debbie Sussex for arranging the bag pack for us.

We have had a lovely email in from one of the till staff – Harry this is for you:-

“I work on the tills at Sainsbury’s and a young lad called Harry was packing on my partners till.

I just wanted to say what a smashing young chap he is 🙂 he was chatty and an all round nice lad 🙂 he was a big help on a very busy day too! Please pass on my thanks :)”

You are all amazing and made one tired lady very very happy

Hope to see you all at our Retro Gaming Weekend next week

Bryan and AnnabelleBryony


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