Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development


Are once again coming to Space4Autism to introduce themselves to parents/carers who do not know what wonderful they work do


Quite a few of our children have been through the B.I.R.D programme already and all the parents cannot speak highly enough of the progress their children have made


Monday 15th June 2015




Space4Autism, 1b Lowe Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7NJ




At BIRD, we offer genuine hope for improvement when all hope seems lost.


The term “brain injury” covers a huge variety of conditions. At BIRD, we make no distinction between types of brain injury and aim to treat people of all ages and all levels of severity.


Many people with brain injury are born with the problem due to genetic reasons or complications during pregnancy and birth. Other people suffer trauma during their life from accidents, assaults and natural disorders such as strokes.


The people we treat may be affected by:


Stroke                                                          Autism                                                  Cerebral palsy Congenital defects

Acquired head injury                               Developmental delay                          Dyslexia                                           Dyspraxia

Hyperactivity/attention deficit disorders                             Behavioural / emotional disorders                                Other non – specific learning difficulties.


Ours is a unique treatment that complements the more traditional methods such as medicine and adapted education. Our ultimate aim is to radically improve the lives of our patients and their carers.


No need to book just turn up


For more information on B.I.R.D check out their website at




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