Just wanted to share this email with you from one of our volunteers who helps bag pack.  We raised over £200 on Saturday at Morrisons in Congleton which means in ONE month our volunteer bag packers have raised over £450 which is fantastic – thank you to everyone who helped.

“I had a great time at the bag pack today. The shoppers were so friendly and generous, especially those who preferred to pack themselves gave generously.  One lady told me she doesn’t let the cubs/scouts pack for her and was pleased of my help.  I felt good volunteering for just a couple of hours and the shoppers clearly felt good for donating.  A win/win situation.  The more helpers we have means more money, those donation pots were so heavy!  I remember facing my first bag pack with trepidation, as it isn’t in my comfort zone.  However it is good fun and the time whizzes by in a flash, I look forward to the next one”

Thank you Lisa for your kind words and hopefully it will help others who may feel a little nervous in volunteering to join us in the future.

As Space4Autism is growing at a rapid pace we will be asking for more volunteers to do a variety of jobs like assisting with workshops, fundraising, pre-school group and lots more so if you are interested in helping out please email us on info.space@hotmail.com – the more people we have helping the bigger and better we can grow and offer much much more to you and your families.

Cheryl Simpson

Secretary & Trustee



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