Holiday home wanted for ‘Lola & Ninja’ ( Photo attached:)
We are looking for someone who would enjoy looking after our two, six- months old, female Dumbo Rats LOLA and NINJA whilst we visit family in Germany this August.
We can offer to look after a small pet(s) ( hamster, guinea pig, rat, mouse, snake, lizard, gecko etc. ) in return, either this July or in the Autumn or Easter holidays.

Maybe someone who already has small pets and enjoys looking after them, or someone who does not have a pet and would like to try out what it is like to have a pet, before they commit to owning one themselves.

We are away for the whole of August and are ideally looking for one family to take care of Ninja and Lola or maybe two families, who could have them for two weeks each.

Lola is used to being handled and Ninja prefers not to be picked up, but will come out and take treats out of your hand. They are both adorable and fun pets, who have a tall cage ( for climbing) with an exercise wheel to keep fit. The wheel makes a noise when they exercise at night, but we have used a felt washer on the wheel, which has made it relatively quiet.

They are active in the evenings and at nights and sleep during the day.

Their cage needs cleaning out at least once every three days to prevent it from smelling. We use lining paper to cover the floor cage and a litter tray in the corner, which makes cleaning the cage easier.

They will come with all of their food, litter and lining paper needed.
If anyone can help please e-mail:


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