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A huge thank you to all those who have volunteered to bag pack or raise funds outside the supermarkets this year – today at Morrisons Congleton you raised £332.66 which is fantastic, this takes our total for the year to £1547.05 (thought it was nearer £2k but always get carried away!!!)

I would like to mention everyone who helped and especially Deborah Sussex who wrote and rang the supermarkets to make this all possible – Deborah has said she would do this again for us next year which is fantastic.  This means I will be hassling you all again in 2014 to help so be prepared.

Also a big thankyou to the Supermarkets and their customers for letting us raise funds in your shops.

Sun 28th April Morrison’s Congleton bag pack 10-3pm £252.40

Sat 8th June   Sainsbury’s Wilmslow bag pack £349.07

22nd June – Sainsbury’s Macclesfield bag pack £317.93

Sat 20th July   Morrison’s Poynton collection £110.00

Sat 12th October   Morrison’s Poynton collection £185

Sun 24th  November – Morrisons Congleton bag pack £332.66

Below are all our fantastic volunteers – if I have missed anyone off please accept my apologies and if your friends came to help pass on our huge thanks.

Deborah Sussex, David Sussex, Pauline Girdwood, Sam Cooper, Rick Simpson, Tom Simpson, Julie Alexander, James Alexander, Kay Wiss, Karen Burton, Ann Marie Ventris, George Ventris & his sisters and Dad, Donna, Kevin, Jo & his brother, Eryn Kilby, Jacob Kilby, Harry Muskett, Melissa Males, Tom Males & his brother, Laura Beresford, Carrie Clarke, Stephanie Barlow, Blanche Wood, Lisa Gledhill & Frazer, Bryan Riley, Debbie Naden, Sam Naden, Carolyn Benjamin, Lorraine Redfern & daughter & friends, Alan Girdwood, Emma Miller, Luke Miller, Kayley Miller, Angie Prior, Josh Prior, Gayle Palmer, Ethan Barber, Julie McKay, Sarah McKay, Lizzy, Zoe Davenport, Adam Davenport, Chrisse & her daughter.

Huge Huge thanks to everyone – as you can see we need lots of volunteers to enable us to do these bag packs so when I ask next year please try and give just one hour of your time – it means we can make more money on each one which all goes towards Space4Autism.

Cheryl Simpson

on behalf of all the trustees




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