The government is planning big changes to the way support is given to children with special educational needs in England. The changes are in the children and families bill, which is going through the final stages of parliamentary process at the moment.

I’m sure like Contact a Family you want the current system of support for all children with special educational needs and disabilities and their families to be much better.  We have a chance with the Children and Families Bill.  But this new law must be improved and time is running out. If you agree please sign up to the attached letter, alongside Contact a Family and other parent groups.  To sign up simply reply to this email with the name of your parent support group.   see letter here:- Open letter on Children and Families Bill for sign up if you cannot open attachment email and we will send it to you directly.

The changes will happen from late 2014. Until then, the current system will remain in force in all local authorities in England.

Read more about the children and families bill and other campaigning Contact a Family does on things like benefits changes. Have your say and help influence how services and support in your area are provided.

If you want to know how the changes will affect your child in the future, or you have any concerns about your child’s education please contact our helpline on 0808 808 3555 or email us.

Please sign up today.

Thank you.

Una Summerson

Policy & Public Affairs

Contact a Family

Direct Line 020 7608 8742

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