At a recent Learning  Disabilities Partnership Board an issue was raised about the Carers’ Alert Card  (ACE Card). This is to bring you up to date on the situation with these cards.
Peaks and Plains have taken  over the responsibility for this scheme. Everyone who currently has one of these  alert cards should get a letter from Peaks and Plains by the end  of next week (around 14 June). This will ask you to complete a new support  or contingency plan for the new scheme. You should also get a new alert card. If  you have an alert card and haven’t heard from Peaks and Plains by the end of  next week let me know and I’ll ask our Carers’ Team to sort this out with  Peaks and Plains.
The system in future will  be different. Crossroads are no longer providing an automatic response to  an alert from a carer.
This is the process in  the event of a carer crisis:

1.  Peaks and  Plains will attempt to resolve the crisis for the carer in line with an emergency plan which they  have previously agreed with  them.

2. If the plan cannot be implemented, Peaks and Plains will during normal office hours  contact the appropriate SMART (Skilled  Multi-Agency Response Team) to make  a referral.  The cared for may already have a support plan in place, and if  this is the case the worker involved will need to review the provision to see  whether it can be changed / increased to support the cared for person through  the carer crisis.

3. If an  emergency call comes in from a carer out of normal office hours, Peaks and  Plains will contact the Emergency Duty Team and discuss the carer’s needs.  The Cheshire East Council worker will then need to  follow the process as for (2) above.

4.  If  the person is not known to Cheshire East Council adults’ services, or if there is no other  cover available, the frontline worker can contact Crossroads to agree  appropriate levels of support for the cared for person for up to 48 hours (or 72  hours if a bank holiday) until the carer crisis is resolved or alternative  arrangements are in place.  If it is clear that the crisis will last for  more than 48 hours, then longer-term support should be put in place as soon as  possible rather than waiting for the 48 hours of Crossroads support to  elapse

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