One of our members is thinking about setting up an Autism Specific Out of School Club – see below

 At the last Space4Autism meeting i asked the question about a holiday club provision for children on the autistic spectrum and there were a few who were really interested in this provision please could you put on the website my email and could you also put the following statement:
After some initial research as part of my role as Ambassador (NAS) I have found that holiday provision for children on the spectrum as a real issue for some parents and so therefore I am considering setting one up, please could respond to the following questions:
Would you be interested in a Holiday club for your child that was specifically for children on the Autistic Spectrum?
If so why?
Would you want your siblings to also attend but would be catered for in a sperate room?
If so, why?
Would you be interested in before or after school provision?
Do you have anymore questions or comments reading this subject?
Of course the provision would have staff who have experience and/or training in Autism and would be vetted accordingly, it would be set up properly going through the proper channels.
If you would be interested please contact me on
Kind Regards Karen

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