Just an update on todays events at Space for Kids.  Up until the end of March we are going to be working on Scrap books.  Each child was given one of our cameras to take home for 2 weeks and take photos of their interests, they will then bring them back to Space for Kids at the next session where Cheryl will print off the photos and the children will stick these in their scrap books and write something about them.  These will be something that they can keep and then look at in years to come!! we carnt wait to see some of the photographs they take.

We also talked about oceans today and talked about what lives in and close to each ocean, one child asked if Julie had seen the statue of liberty (guess which one?)  – I have a great photo for his mum!!!

Will update the forum after each Space club  event with photos and a few words of what your children did.

bye for now


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