Just had to put this on here – my son 10yrs old would not go in the shower (only would have baths), have been trying to get  him to have a shower for years but he always says it hurts.  Anyway, the other night we both made a promise that if he put one  hand under the shower for 5 seconds I would buy him some batteries!!  so last night we tried it, he put one hand under for 5 seconds then I prompted him to put the other one under for 5 seconds, then I pushed him to put both under (again for only 5 seconds) and can you believe it he said “should I get in now” – wow!!!  Anyway he did get in and was able to stand just far enough into the water to get his back wet for around 20 seconds, what a result.

Just goes to show – small steps – will not push too much for a few days but next time will try and get him to put his head under.



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