Hi there,

My name is Josephine Nash, and I am a biomedical student at the University of Birmingham. I am contacting you because I am currently carrying out research in the area of educational tools for autistic children and I believe you may be able to give some insight. My project involves development of a virtual reality programme as an autism therapy so answers to these questions will help guide my progress and design.

The idea of the virtual reality programme is to give autistic children the opportunity to experience challenging environments such as going to the shops and getting their hair cut so that carers can identify triggers and teach appropriate coping mechanisms.

Please follow the link bellow to find a short questionnaire that will take 5 minutes to fill out. Any information used will be for the purposes of my research and will help improve the outcome of my project.  All answers will be anonymous but if you feel comfortable there is an option to add your email if you wish to be part of the focus group. If you are willing to discuss more about this topic then adding your name will really benefit my product development.

Take survey here: https://bham.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/josephine-nash-autism

If responses could be given before the 23rd of February as this gives me time to contact re focus groups and follow ups.

Many thanks in advance and if you have any questions or input feel free to contact me through JXN857@student.bham.ac.uk.

Kind regards,