As some of you will know Space4Autism will be 15 in May, however, due to the lockdown we are unable to have a big party which we would have loved to have had.

Hoping to have one when we re-open

However, in the meantime we have set up a justgiving page so our members and friends can donate towards the Sensory Garden that we are now in the process of organising… if you pass by space you will see the trees have already gone!!! work never stops at Space

So please if you feel you can afford it can you please donate and share with your friends and colleagues – click the link below

If all our members donated just £1 we would raise nearly £4k….

Thank you to those who have already donated to the VIBE Manchester site and sent in cheques and donated in other ways whilst we have been closed, as being closed does have a huge impact on our funding so any help would be truly appreciated.