Space4Autism is one of the Co-ops chosen Local Community Funds Charities

From the 9th April till the end of October Space4Autism has been chosen as one of the Co-ops Local Community Funds beneficiaries.

This means that every time you shop at the co-op they will give us 1% of anything you buy.

To enable you do be part of this you need to be a member of the co-op, its easy to do and you just need to sign up here Рit costs just £1 to join. Рyou may need to copy and paste the link below

go to check if I am a member then sign up Рour co-op stores are based at Hursdsfield and Buxton Road Macclesfield and also Coop Funeral Care, so you need to find us by entering the store location say 10miles out and we are in the social inclusion tab.

click here to find out how to become a member

Become a Co-op Member

or if you are already a member click here to find out to select us as your chosen charity

Already have Co-op Membership

so the more members who join the more we will earn – and we really need it as the money is going to be a lot less from the council for our clubs come September so if you want these to keep going then we need your help.


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