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Hi everyone

We are working with CaMHS to try and get the Cygnet course delivered to parents of children who are not in the CaMHS system as we feel that many of our parents are missing out.

Can you please let me know if this would be of interest to you and also if you would prefer this on a week-day or in the evening or at a weekend.

Here is a little about the course if you haven’t heard of it before.



  1. Absolutely great to heart this – and evening courses would be so much appreciated!!!
    Similarly with the Webster-Stratton programme! Working parents just can’t get time out of work to attend these essential resources.

  2. Hi, I’ve been told this course is fantastic, so both myself and my husband would like to do it, for my husband a course in the evening or the weekend would be best. For myself during school hours would be fine.

  3. It would be great to be able to go on this course whilst waiting for a CAMHS referral. Daytime would suit me best.

  4. I have just completed CYGNET course – 4 evenings over two weeks. It was incredibly valuable to all who attended, and the two therapists who ran the course were experts in their field, approachable, non-judgemental and full of fresh strategic ideas and understanding. Please off these courses to people at the point of diagnosis for their children it would make a world of difference for the families as well as the child/young adult.

    • Hi Betty, yes the therapists run these courses here at Space every Wednesday but at the moment you have to be in the Camhs system to access them which isn’t great. We are working with CaMHS to find a way that we can invite more parents/carers to these courses in the future – we just need to find the funds. They are brilliant

  5. I would love to do this course my little boy is 5 and on the cahms waiting list we have about 6 months left to wait. He has several issues that we need help with. Can I join it?

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