IMPORTANT – Please read

Due to lots of our courses, appointments and workshops being over subscribed we do run a waiting list so we fill every place.

Over the past year we have had 30% non attendance which is really upsetting. especially when we have had to reduce our numbers by 50% due to social distancing.

Even though the activities are mostly free for our families we do have to report back to our funders on numbers attending, therefore, when the numbers of attendance is a lot lower than expected it makes it near impossible for us to go out for funding to allow us to continue to provide all these services

From today we have had to put a plan in place to make sure that we fill all the places rather than having empty seats.


For the training courses, appointments and workshops if we do not receive either an email or telephone call, we will release your place on any future booked activity.  You will receive an email to let you know.  Can you please make sure when you ask to book with us that you can attend, we are having lots of members stating they couldn’t attend due to work commitments however these have been booked sometimes months in advance.

We do send out an email to confirm your place when booking, then an appointment card is now sent, then another email to remind you – this takes a lot of work from our staff team as we have over 3000 activities running per year.

I am sorry that we have to do this but we cannot carry on having empty places at our activities when so many people are desperate to attend.

Note: this is not for the social clubs as these have different rules in place

Cheryl Simpson MBE

Co-Founder and CEO