UDevelop have been in touch to let us know they have a FREE 4 week remote confidence building programme running which will run over the phone starting on Tuesday 7th May.

The Programme is for people who are the furthest away and have low confidence, no motivation and need someone to help support them, signpost, and provide them with new techniques for personal improvement in the home so that they can have the confidence and start to develop their self belief whilst having a 1-2-1 coach supporting them.

Every learner will receive a booklet in the post, a dedicated time with their coaches and be supported to run weekly goals so that they are improving themselves and gaining new skills to become more confident for sustainability.

The Coaches will also support them into the next stages of their development journey which is completely bespoke to every learner!

They have been running this fully funded course for the last 4 years and have seen huge improvements in people and guided them into new opportunities whilst enhancing skill sets over the phone and building a rapport with learners that they appreciate and look forward to.

Below we have included a copy of the poster as well as the referral form. Referrals need to be received by Thursday 2nd May.