Thank you to everyone who has supported us since 2005, without your help we would not have been able to achieve what we have



Awards for All

Children in Need

Cheshire Community Foundation

Peoples Health Trust

UK Community Foundation (Royal London)

Cheshire East Carers Hub



Edward Gosling Foundation

Alan Jenkin Stokes Trust

Albert Hunt Trust

Angela Gallagher MF

Bailey Thomas CF

Bain Charitable Trust

Barbara Ward Children’s Foundation

BB Charity Foundation

Beryl and Peter Collins CT

Blackwood Engineering Trust

Boshier Hinton Foundation

Bryan Lancaster Trust

Casa Stella

Charles Sharland Trust

Clothworkers Foundation

Cotton Trust

CRH Charitable Trust

David Family Foundation

David Solomon’s CT

Denman CT

Dorothy Pamela Smith CIO

Douglas Arter Foundation

Emerson Foundation


Ernest Ingham CT

Felicity Wilde CT

Garfield Weston

St James Place Foundation

Geoff Ludford CT

Gledswood CT

Greycourt Trust

Haramead Trust

Henry C Hoare

Hilary Awdry

Holbeck CT

Ironmongers Company

Irving Memorial Trust

JK Stirrup

Gill Franklin Trust

Gladys Jane Wightwick CT

JSF Pollitzer CS

Joan Wilkinson CT

Late Francis Crabtree CT

Lee Bakirgian FT

Lucas Harrison

The Louis Nicholas Residuary CT

Lynn F

Mahoro CT

Marsh Christian CT

Mather Family Trust

J Torrington Children’s Fund

Yvonne Fluz CT

N Smith CS

Orchard Trust

Ordinary People Interesting Lives

Pennycress Trust

Porta Pia Foundation

Poynton Foundation

RS Brownless

Riseley Medical

Russell and Mary Forman 1980 CT

Rycroft Children’s Fund

Sir Jules Thorn CT

Sister Gwen Appleton

Souter CT

St James Place

Steve Bloch Image of Disability CT

Swallow Trust

Tudor Trust

Tyche CT

UKH Foundation

WH Smith CT

WO Street CF

Woodroffe Benton




Born Survivor Team

Liam Gray – Sky Jump

Bryony Kelly

Sandra Woodall

Ann Gouch

Karen Wolfendon

Kay Wizz

Debra Meeham

Jones Coach Park

Peter Worthy

Pauline and Alan Girdwood

Tom Naden

Steph Hastings

Aaron Donnelly

Lilly Adshead

Halle Beresford

NCS Students

Petula Maskey

Rachel Holliday

Denice Allan

Mr C H Harrison



Eastern Cheshire CCG – Autism Training Programme

Cheshire East Council – Short Breaks



Spinners Arms Bollington

Tytherington Pharmacy

North West Co-Ops

Macclesfield Beer Festival


Mountain Warehouse



Treacle Tap

Pack Horse


Prism – PETTS

Auto Trader

Sale Sharks

Stockport County Football Club

Majestic Wine Macclesfield







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